(6)17:00~17:10 Cerezo 秋色桜



(6)10:25~10:55 トイ・プードルの義勇くん

(1)10:45~11:15 尺八専攻


 Geisai is the school festival of Tokyo University of the Arts. We are preparing various events such as various exhibition plans, concert plans, live performances, and talk shows. This year, in consideration of the infection status of the new coronavirus, as a result of repeated discussions with related parties, we have decided to hold the event online, with admission restrictions and a complete advance reservation system. . On the advance reservation site, we received a lot of applications for both the art school and the music school, and it is currently sold out. Thank you very much.aaaa
All members of the Geisai Committee have come up with various ideas so that everyone who could not enter the campus can enjoy it. The outdoor stage and the 6 hall project held on campus will be live-streamed on YouTube. No reservations are required for off-campus events held at Ueno Park. Mikoshi and happi coat performances will be held on the first day, and the art market will be held all day. In addition, official Geisai goods are also available online. We are disseminating information on this site and official SNS, and there is information that has not been announced yet, so please enjoy it.
In addition to the warm support from everyone in the crowdfunding that was held in July, we have received voices of expectations from various quarters. I will do my best so that as many people as possible can “experience” the art festival.

In order to break through the transparent gap that has trapped us.
Thank you very much to everyone who came to see us, everyone who watched the stream, and everyone who "touched" Geisai 2022. It was the first time in three years that the event was held at the Ueno Campus, and there were many difficulties. Thank you very much. Some content is being archived and distributed on the Geisai 2022 official YouTube channel. Please enjoy the art festival at the Toride Campus in November, and the art festival from next year onwards.
Geisai Executive Committee

"Hureru" touch

2022 Geisai Theme "Touch"~ Theme Concept~.See. Listen. Touch. Smell. Taste.Human beings. Society. Nature. And art.How has our experience of "touch" been changed by a life without casual "touch"?How in the world has our experience of "touch" changed?This year's Art Festival will focus on the theme of "touch".the future of the festival, we will look at people, society, nature, and the state of art.Come on, why don't you join us?

Main Visual Rio Masunaga

It has now been three years since the Corona Disaster, where communicating with people across computer monitors and acrylic panels has become the norm.
Although the physical distance between us has gradually been removed, the psychological distance that makes us hesitate to touch someone or something still seems to exist in the heart of each of us.I thought that our current situation, in which we always keep a distance from others and are confined to our own space, is like being trapped in a soap bubble.
I really want to touchBut I can't.
The dilemma is about to burst.
In the main visual image, we expressed our hope that visitors to the festival will break through the transparent gap by touching art and people.
What kind of world awaits us beyond the bursting of soap bubbles

"Hare to Ke" Official Music Theme

Composed by Keito Etsugi (2nd year, Department of Music)Lyrics: Keito Etsugi (2nd year, Department of Music), Natsumi Kano (2nd year, Department of Art)Song: Shinyu Nakayama (Vocal Music 1st year)Guitar: Sadao Miyazawa (1st year, Painting Department)Bass: Keito Etsugi (2nd year, Department of Music)Keyboard: Shoei Michishiro (Music Environment Creation Course, 1st year)Drums: Tetsuto Hori (1st year of Music Environment Creation Course)

youtube 『ハレとケ』

10 minutes on foot from JR Ueno Station/JR Uguisudani Station
15-minute walk from Ueno Station on the subway/Ginza Hibiya Line
10-minute walk from Nezu Station on the subway/Chiyoda Line
3 minutes on foot from Yanaka bus stop / Upper 26 route (Kameido - Ueno Park) / Keisei Electric Railway
12-8 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo 〒110-8714

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2022  9/2~4